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We Brought The Squad This Time

Know My Name 2 is another straight up banger from Detroit's "Bad Boys", Marqus Anthony & Choirboy Bell. Ira Dos knocked this beat out of the park with classic hard hitting sounds from Detroit trap. This second round of Know My Name features the challenge winner KouOnTheBeat as well as two ladies, Sister Shante and Nunu Marshay, who went so hard we just had to include them on part 2. Every verse is fire and the message is clear: we are not afraid of the enemy. In fact, it's the other way around!

Same Power In Me Rose Jesus Out The Grave!!!.

We out here Moving Different

Moving Different by Choirboy Bell, Marqus Anthony and Kelo is a straight up Detroit banger! The Ira Dos production goes too hard and Marqus Anthony laced this one with a crazy chorus. Choirboy Bell comes in on his verse with his patented Detroit flow talking about how God changed his ways from a life of crime. Kelo finishes off the song with a formidable verse himself, testifying of the Lord's goodness as usual. Turn this one all the way up and let everyone know you no longer move the same since being saved by Christ!

It’s A Detroit Thang, My Baby

Detroit Thang (featuring DJ Kideazy) by Marqus Anthony and Kelo is a smooth Detroit summer anthem! The wow eli production nicely sets the scene as Marqus Anthony and Kelo share descriptions of what it's like maintaining faith in Christ in Detroit, MI despite the many opportunities for pitfalls. DJ Kideazy sings a super catchy hook and the whole song is just a vibe. Roll the windows down and turn the music up while envisioning driving down Woodward Ave to your favorite Coney Island restaurant!

You Are Appreciated

You Are Appreciated by Marqus Anthony is a new Mother's Day song produced by Ira Dos. Marqus made this song for his mother and she loves it! Happy Mother's Day!

Marqus Anthony

Brand new self-titled EP by Marqus Anthony out now!

Marqus Anthony by Marqus Anthony is a Detroit Christian rap project. The vibe of the EP is mostly laid back tracks, highlighting smooth vocals. Detroit basslines and city vibes permeate the whole project, especially on the intense banger, "Know My Name". Ira Dos produced the entire project, bringing the listener to his hood through vivid beats that Marqus Anthony laces with descriptive storytelling, clever bars and suave flows. Marqus speaks on the way God changed his life and gave him a purpose to reach souls through music. The new single "Thank God" is a great joint to just ride around to, which was the goal on a lot of this project. Features from Elohin and Unkle Gmo both give life to the project. This is the best Marqus Anthony has ever rapped, and he even got into his singing bag on the worship outro. We pray that this EP reaches those who are ready to admit they need a savior.

Sad To Say Most People I Know Hypocrites

Hypocrites by Marqus Anthony is a smooth Detroit Christian rap joint mixed with some West Coast vibes. The laid back, dynamic Ira Dos production sets a great ambience for Marqus Anthony's flow and voice tone. People talk a lot these days, but not everyone backs it up. A lot of liars and fakers are being called out. Marqus even admits to being a hypocrite himself sometimes in this honest track. Truthfully, we can all do better and walk more fully into being who God has called us to be.

I Know The Demons Know My Name

Know My Name by Marqus Anthony is an intense Detroit Christian rap slapper. Based on Acts 19:11-17, the song is a commentary on false preachers and evil spirits. According to The Word, sons of Sceva tried admonishing demons in the name of Jesus; however, these men did not personally know the Lord. The result was the false claiming preachers were beaten and run amok after the evil spirit said, "Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you." Marqus Anthony stands powerfully in the name and knowledge of his personal Lord and savior Jesus. The hard hitting Ira Dos production is perfectly match by Marqus Anthony's delivery and aggression, creating a fierce, encouraging and anointed anthem for true believers in Jesus Christ that are known in the spirit!

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller by Marqus Anthony, Choirboy Bell & DKG Kie is a laid back Detroit vibe full of bars. The wow eli production sets the perfect stage for these 3 emcees to artfully rap about their changed lives. God made them brand new so now they shoot demons with the accuracy of a legendary NBA marksman.

My shot is Reggie Miller if you ever try to Pacer me!

Detroit Christian Rap Cypher

Detroit Christian Rap Cypher by DKG Kie ft Nonameservant, DreBeeze Da Godson, Marqus Anthony, Choirboy Bell, LeeDaJuice & VonnDough is an incredible display of rap prowess, top-notch production, unity, brotherhood and a common love for Jesus. Seven talented emcees from the D join forces over expertly selected production by Detroit's young super producing phenom, I Project. There is something exceedingly powerful in seeing eight men of God from Detroit all on one accord, under one vision, doing relevant ministry together. Each rapper uniquely showcases their own style as they all flow on different beats, making this cypher truly one of a kind! With the Michigan style of rap gaining more and more popularity these days, the Demon Killer Gang had to hold it down for the city and show the world how Detroit does it for real. All glory goes to God! Everybody killed their verse back to back, creating an exciting and encouraging experience not soon forgotten! Tap in to the inspiring culture being developed in Detroit, MI as the Demon Killer Gang presents the Detroit Christian Rap Cypher.

Chopsticks 🥢

Chopsticks by Choirboy Bell, EmanuelDaProphet & Marqus Anthony is one of the hardest Christian rap songs to come out of Detroit, MI. These three emcees ravage the beat with bar after bar admonishing the listener to get in The Word. The knocking Detroit style production by Sav pounds as clever wordplay and comedy shine throughout. Everybody rides the pocket perfectly creating an authentic and special listening experience.

Lord I Put My Trust In You

Trust In You by Marqus Anthony & Read B. Verses is a classic Detroit vibe that Christians of all ages will enjoy. The bouncy, fun and creative I Project beat sets the perfect stage for these two Motor City lyricists to show out as they brag on their Lord. Always put your trust in Jesus, not man!

The duo had this to say, "Too many people these days will put their trust in everything and everyone except God. That's where the "I Can't Trust You" movement comes in because the bible says the hearts of men are wicked and deceitful. We must flee pride and human admiration while we run back to Christ."

Jesus Transformed Me Seomthing Like Optimus

Optimus Prime 2 by Marqus Anthony, Choirboy Bell & Mission is a Detroit style Christian rap banger. Connecting all the way from the Bay Area in California, Mission joins the Detroit pair to lend his top tier pen to the slapping Wow Eli production. The high energy, wordplay and delivery shine thru as this trio of lyricists  drop bar after bar! The song title refers to being transformed in Christ according to Romans 12:2.

Forever Walking by My Faith

Album out now!!

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace by Marqus Anthony featuring Luke G is an instant classic. Luke G's talent shines brightly as he sings an absolutely incredible, anointed hook that stays stuck in your head. Marqus Anthony utilizes his verse to tell a story exemplifying the grace of God being shown to him while he was yet a sinner, delivering it in a way only Marqus can with his distinct voice and flow. Luke G's second verse is bananas and the overall result is an introspective, dope vibe sure to get plenty of spins this summer! This song can elicit worship, tears, reverence, praise, thankfulness and more emotions as the listener reflects on the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Better Luck Next Time

Better Luck Next Time by Marqus Anthony is a grimy banger for the ladies! Wow Eli knocks the production out of the park with a straight up slapper that sets up a fun, bouncy track. Usually when fellas make joints for the ladies they go slow or pop or they sing a lot, but Marqus Anthony delivers a fire anthem that any holy girl can turn up to!

God Got Me

God Got Me by Marqus Anthony & Lance Hitch is a sensational Christian banger! The two Detroit emcees join forces on the roaring Avila production to create a superbly fun and captivating listening experience. Effortlessly bouncing on the beat, each rapper leans into his own strengths, constructing a balanced song as they feed off one another's energy. The straight forward message to trust God at all times is one that we can all be reminded of daily. Enjoy this summer anthem!

March Madness

March Madness by Marqus Anthony is a super fun and engaging display of Detroit Christian rap, The project is composed of 3 tracks all produced by wow eli with bouncy Detroit basslines and melodies. No hooks just rapping, emcees deliver punchlines one after the other. Marqus Anthony hits the pockets clean and really gets off bars on every track. In honoring his hometown, Marqus wanted to be sure to pay homage and incorporate both the city's young and upcoming talent as well as a couple OGs by featuring Kelo, DreBeeze Da Godson, Goodson & Choirboy Bell. God gets the glory throughout with clever bars such as "Keep God first, I'm number two Cade Cunningham", making a reference to the young Detroit Pistons basketball star featured on the cover wearing #2. Marqus Anthony has found a home on the Detroit beats and sounds better, more natural and more confident than ever before.

"Optimus Prime (feat Choirboy Bell)" is a stand-out track with that signature Detroit grittiness and clever wordplay because Jesus transformed us into new creations!

Blessed on Purpose

In The Water

In The Water (with Andre David & Kennis Clark) by Marqus Anthony is a brilliant collaboration between 3 up and coming artists. Avila absolutely crushes the production with a thundering, fascinating beat. Kennis Clark comes in so smooth and groovy on the hook, then Marqus and Andre rip their respective verses. This song is for anyone who has felt like they were drowning in this life. Just know that Jesus will save you if you call upon him in the midst of your struggle.

I’ve been Down for way too long!

Down Remix by Marqus Anthony featuring Avila, Porsha Love, Czar Josh & Jazmine NIkao showcases a dope and diverse group of Atlanta creatives delivering an exciting new anthem. Boxers, athletes, and people everywhere can relate to what it’s like to be counted out. Yet, we must look inside and find motivation to get back up one more time. When you feel like throwing in the towel, that’s when God is mighty to overcome whatever trials stand in your way. Avila’s production and melodic hook provide the perfect sound design for these lyricists to share their stories of conquering mental health issues such as anxiety and depression through leaning into the power of Jesus.

Made in His image like a Portrait!

“Independent Atlanta-based rapper Marqus Anthony brings forth an extremely solid offering with his latest single titled, "Portrait." The single represents one of those defining moments in his discography, as his personal confidence has continued to strengthen over the years vocally. Avila smashed the production complete with clean drums, mysterious melodies, and popping accents. Anthony presents natural vocal tones and intelligent, God-fearing delivery comfortable in the rhyme pockets throughout. Well-known across the culture, the track also features DJ Mykael V adding his signature stamp of approval. The overall message is quite clear, we're all made in God's image and possess priceless divine value.” - Joshua Galla , NewReleaseToday

God Looks Like Me & You!

Like Me by Marqus Anthony is an anthem for everyone! We were all made in the image and likeness of God regardless of our race, height, or body type. Every life made by God is precious and valuable. The anti-suicide second verse is one of his most powerful yet.

Shoot Your Shot!

Shoot Your Shot by Marqus Anthony is an infectious, divine bop. The back and forth, trappy and melodious Miraql3  production is nicely complimented by sharp cutting flows full of engaging inspiration. Marqus Anthony, Plain James, and Enlitement each offer the raw truth of their own story, encouraging listeners to continuously strive for their God given dreams in life despite the many obstacles. Luke G's one-of-a-kind vocals and musical ingenuity create a timeless hook singing, "You will never make a shot you won't take."


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